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Emerald Ho Tram
Hamptons Pier – Where the sky meets the sea in harmony.

Just a short 5-minute stroll down the beach from Emerald Ho Tram Resort, you’ll find the magnificent Hamptons Pier. It’s a unique architectural marvel, standing proud as Vietnam’s very first seaside pier and the longest in all of Asia, welcoming up to 3,000 guests. Here, you can catch both the sunrise and sunset, feel the cool ocean breeze, and cherish special moments with your loved ones.

Vietnam’s Own Seaside Gem

Discover Hamptons Pier from Every Angle

With its wide-open design facing the endless ocean, Hamptons Pier offers stunning views of swaying coconut trees and golden sands against the backdrop of the deep blue waves. Standing on Hamptons Pier, you can take in the breathtaking scenes of sunrise and sunset over the sea.

Let yourself be carried away by the refreshing sea breeze, listen to the soothing sounds of waves crashing against the pier, and admire the awe-inspiring scenery that’s unlike anywhere else. Hamptons Pier is an enchanting destination that caters to the relaxation, entertainment, shopping, and dining desires of both locals and travelers.