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Emerald Ho Tram
Minera Bình Châu Hot Spring Resort – a comprehensive experience to rejuvenate with water through its unique natural mineral source in the South.

Situated in Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu province, it’s only about a 2-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. Described as a fully green travel experience, this is Vietnam’s first model of a resort and natural forest park dedicated to the exploration of hot mineral springs. As the first Hot Springs World in Vietnam, Minera, featuring two unique areas, Minera Springs and Minera Forest, will gently guide you and your loved ones on a journey to discover over 30 types of mineral soaking experiences, styled after the famous hot springs cultures of 7 countries worldwide.

Minera Hot Spring Natural Resort Bình Châu

Built upon a natural hot mineral water reservoir with over 70 natural spring vents, forming a network of streams and small lakes, Minera Hot Springs Bình Châu offers visitors a plethora of health care options across its sprawling 12-hectare Minera Springs area. With over 50 types of hot mineral soaking services, swimming pools, spas, hot and cold therapy treatments, guests will find moments of relaxation as they immerse themselves in the warm and refreshing mineral waters, experiencing a gentle touch of happiness as their bodies are pampered, and their spirits find balance amidst nature.

Of special note, the Springs Pool area features a centrally located mineral water pool, currently the largest hot mineral pool in Southeast Asia, spanning 1,600m2 with temperatures ranging from 37 to 42 degrees Celsius. In addition to the mineral pool complex, the Spring Pool area also includes a deep mineral water pool (37 degrees Celsius) and a children’s mineral water pool (32 degrees Celsius).

Minera boasts the largest hot mineral pool in Southeast Asia

Just a few steps away from Bình Châu Minera Hot Springs, you’ll find Minera Forest, a picturesque forest park adorned with bamboo groves, fish ponds, wooden houses, camping areas, and a zoo. Strolling through the gardens of Minera Forest, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a paradise. It’s a place for guests to recharge their energy, rejuvenate their health, and foster love, bonds, and shared experiences among family members, friends, and colleagues.

Known by various titles such as “Vietnam’s first hot spring world” or “the vibrant green oasis,” Minera Bình Châu is the perfect convergence of all elements for your dream getaway.